Newborn Package: (0-12 weeks) – $345

Whether you just found out you were expecting, are anticipating the arrival any day now, or have a newborn already in your home this plan is for you. Being proactive can help your little one develop healthy sleep habits from the start of life.

We are not going to do sleep training with your newborn as they are too little and need to eat frequently. This is why you’ll be getting a Healthy Sleep Plan, not a Sleep Training Plan.

What we can do together is help set your baby up for success in learning how to fall asleep and stay asleep as he grows older. 

It is definitely possible to lay a foundation for healthy sleep habits from the beginning of a baby’s life. Through this package, I will walk you through the first 12 weeks of life with your family to assist you in teaching your little one how to sleep well and prevent sleep challenges in the future. 

You’ll receive:

A 45-minute phone consultation
We will discuss sleep strategies and props, identify and address potential problems, and solve issues during nap time, bedtime and night wakings.

Nursery Assessment
We’ll carefully assess your current sleep environment and recommendations to further enhance sleep will be made.

I will provide unlimited support for 2 weeks via email. You can expect email responses within 1 business day or sooner. 

Continued Support
To help you maintain healthy habits, you’ll receive:
• Newborn Resource Guide
• Soothing Techniques Guide

Additional Options
Private, in-home consultations, including overnight support are available upon request.