Infant Package (13 weeks-18 months) – $395 

Sleep is a learned skill, and teaching a baby to sleep well can improve life in numerous ways and enhance the development of a child. Infant sleep problems can have a noticeable effect on your child’s temperament and attitude.

When you choose to pursue a sleep plan you can expect an easy to follow, customizable plan that will allow your little one to get all of the restorative sleep for both naps and overnight that he or she needs. This will help your child have a more positive temperament along with enhancing proper development.

You’ll receive:

Sleep Evaluation
You will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire regarding your baby’s sleep habits and routine prior to the consultation in order to get the most out of the consultation.

For 60 minutes we will discuss sleep strategies and props, identify and address potential problems, and solve issues during nap time, bedtime and night wakings. Consults can be done by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Customized Sleep Plan
I will develop an individualized sleep plan based on the information from the questionnaire and our discussion during the consultation.

We will have 4 follow up phone calls during the first week the sleep plan is implemented. Each call will last for 15 minutes. We will discuss any problems or concerns you may have while following the sleep plan.

E-mail and Text message support
I will provide unlimited support for 2 weeks via email or text message. I check emails during regular business hours Monday-Saturday morning. You can expect email responses within 1 business day or sooner.

Continued Support
I will give you my sleep resource guide that will address maintaining current healthy sleep habits along with addressing future issues that may arise.

Additional Options
Private, in-home consultations, including overnight support, are available upon request.