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Let’s make sleepless nights peaceful nights! Now’s the time to take charge of your days and nights. Healthy sleep for the entire family is possible!

Developing Healthy Sleep Habits in Children

Falling asleep independently and sleeping through the night is a skill, and children need time and guidance to develop good sleep habits. If you are ready for a clear, easy to follow, individualized plan that will teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night and take long, restful naps then book your call to get started. 

Hi, my name is Margaret Guccione. I am passionate about babies, their families, and helping everyone get a good night’s sleep. Common sleep challenges include early wake times, bedtime battles, nap schedules, nighttime wakings, nap transitions, bed changes, and schedules for multiples. I will provide you the tools parents need to teach their baby to sleep on their own all night and find a routine that works for you to solve bedtime challenges. When you work with Bayou Slumber, you get more than just sleep training basics, you gain a friend to help and encourage you as you navigate the road to teaching healthy sleep habits. 

Why Work with a Sleep Consultant?

A professional sleep consultant has the experience and training to identify problems related to your child’s sleep and work with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses the individual issues. They also can provide some much-needed support when things don’t seem to be working and give you encouragement to follow through on that plan until it does work. So, when it comes to baby’s sleep, I hope for everyone to find success on their own with as few problems as possible. But if that does not happen for you, I can help provide the answers and support you need. 

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